Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Activity - Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Every time I hear the word kite, the song "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins always starts running through my head... But who doesn't love to fly kites? I know ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed a good windy day to fly a kite. You can buy them for pretty cheap at the store or you can make your own! My favorite place to fly a kite is at the beach - always a good source of wind. Or hopefully there is some wind blowing around in a park near you. It's great for all ages because it doesn't take much to be able to hold a kite. But getting it in the air is another story... :-)

If you want to make your own kite (which I highly suggest you do) here are some great websites that have different kite patterns depending how much time and effort you want to put in the kite. Or you can run to Walmart and grab one. It's up to you!

Kites in the Classroom

Diamond Kite

Make Your Own Kite

Kinder Art

Or for a little kite history

Kite History

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