Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY - Applique Burp Cloths

So my cousin Jennifer is super crafty.  She just blows me away with all the cool stuff she can make!  You can visit her website here for some great ideas of crafts and tutorials.

For my baby shower, she made me some super cute onsies and appliqued burp cloths.  And for those who aren't sure what applique is, it's "ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck onto a large piece of fabric to form pictures or patterns" (Wikipedia).  I wanted to learn how to do this so I could make some for another cousin's baby shower.  And they are one of my favorite types of burp cloths!

So she showed me how so now I'm going to show you!


Double Padded Burp Cloths (they come in a pack of 6 at Walmart)
Fabric (any kind you want)
White thread
Sewing Machine
Sheet of Hot Iron Transfer Paper (You can get it at Walmart of JoAnn)


To start, get an idea of what you want to put on the burp cloths.  I chose an elephant (to match the outfit I bought my cousin's baby) and butterflies.  I printed out clip art from online so I had something to go from.  Or if you're super artsy you can just design it yourself.   Trace the design on the transfer paper.

Then place the glue side on the back side of the fabric and iron on the transfer paper to the fabric. 

Cut out the design.  Then peel the transfer paper off and there should be a residue where the glue is (don't wait too long or you won't be able to get the paper off and will need to warm it back up with the iron).  

Now take the burp cloths and place your fabric designs however you want on the cloth.  Iron on the fabric.

Now you're ready to sew!  You can use an applique stitch or a straight stitch depending on what you're comfortable with or what your sewing machine has.  My hubby bought me an awesome sewing machine for Christmas last year which actually has an applique stitch.  I was super excited about it!  Sew around the edge of the fabric design (inside for a straight stitch, outside for an applique stitch).

And there you have it!  A super cute burp cloth!  It doesn't take too long and doesn't cost a lot of money. And then you can do this on onesies, quilts, pillowcases, etc!  Go do some applique!


  1. Great job Alexis. That's awesome that your sewing machine had the blanket stitch. I just think it finishes it so well.

    I looked up and the Transfer Web (Glue) and it's Pellon's 805 Wonder-Under Transfer Web. I know you can get it most anywhere that sells fabric. Walmart has it for under $2/yd.

    Keep creating it's fun!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! And thanks for looking up the Transfer Web! I wasn't sure what the name of it was and just saw some hot iron transfer on the JoAnn website. But I'm sure the Wonder Under would be better. :-)

  3. Cute! I'm really into altering cloth diapers as burp rags right now. ( Fun and practical!!

  4. So cute! i will make it for my kids. thanks for sharing.


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