Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Obstacle Course

My daughter sometimes gets bored with me and the toys we have...  She'll get a little fussy, but all her basic needs are met, so I think she's just bored. So I was looking at websites to get an idea of something creative to do for her.  I found on Baby Center to do an obstacle course!

The Bammer loves climbing around so I got out the large pillows from our bed and the laundry baskets and set them up in a little maze for her to move around in.  I tired putting things at the end that might entice her to get there - my diaper bag and toys.  I think I'll need to try this again soon!

And yesterday I just bought her the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks and she loves them!  She hasn't really grabbed the concept of putting the right shapes in the right holes, but she'll get there.  For now she likes hitting the blocks together, putting them in and taking them out of the box, and of course, eating them.

- Alexis

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  1. Great idea and your daughter is so cute! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti. Happily following you back!!


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