Monday, May 7, 2012

A Pregnancy Must Have - The Body Pillow

During my first pregnancy, I heard sleeping with a body pillow or just lots of pillows was a good idea.  It helps to support your quickly expanding body and loosening joints.  Plus it helps keep you on your side which is a better sleeping position for pregnant women.  So when my hips were hurting like crazy when I slept, I looked for a body pillow.  But this was around Christmas time and apparently every store sells out of body pillows during Christmas!  I seriously looked everywhere and couldn't find one that was cheaper than $50 - the memory foam ones.  Those are nice, but I didn't have the money for that. 

I tried using regular pillows and they just weren't cutting it.  They often ended up on the floor - apparently I move a lot in my sleep.

Finally after my daughter was born I saw some for $10 at Walmart and I bought one.  I was hoping to pregnant again someday and I wasn't going to go without a body pillow next time.

Body Pillows

Well it's next time!  And almost from the beginning I've been using my Walmart body pillow and let me tell you, it makes all the difference when I sleep!  In fact it's so comfortable I call it "my cloud" and my husband often tries to steal it from me.  I've offered to buy him one, but he says he doesn't really want one...but I have my suspicions!  I've slept so much better this pregnancy.  Sure I still wake up sometimes because I'm on my back or have to go to the bathroom (those babies are seriously sitting right on top of your bladder...), but my hips don't hurt like they used to.  Ahhh, heaven.  

So if you're pregnant and haven't been sleeping with a body pillow, I highly suggest it!  It made all the difference for me!  And sure there are those super awesome memory foam ones that wrap completely around your body, but the cheap straight one has been good enough for me!

What are some pregnancy comforts that are must haves for you?

- Alexis

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