Monday, June 11, 2012

Like Mother Like Daughter - Weird Quirks and All

Ok I'll admit it, I was a weird child.  Actually it's not that hard to admit, I know I was quirky, but somehow I turned out alright.  And the funny thing is, my daughter has some of these same quirky things I did which can't be taught!  They must be genetic!  Here are some examples:

1. I ate paper and so does my daughter.  For some reason I liked to eat paper and magazines as a child and my daughter is the exact same way - newspapers, printer paper, magazines, books, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.  She's starting to grow out of it, but she definitely ate it.

2. I didn't like to walk on grass and neither did my daughter.  Luckily she's been much better with this, but there was a time that she did not want to walk on grass.  Apparently when I was a child, my parents moved into a duplex with a backyard and were excited for me to have a place to play outside.  But I wouldn't step on the grass!

3. I walked like a diva and so does my daughter.  Meaning, when I walked as a toddler, I kept my elbows bent and hands up.  And she walks the exact same way!

4. Our facial expressions are the same.  Although I think my daughter looks more like my husband now at this point in her life, she makes faces where I can see myself.  Especially from baby pictures that I have I can see those exact same expressions on her.

5. And finally running through stores.  I'm sure a lot of kids do this and so did I and so does my daughter.  She is a free spirit and likes to explore through department stores and usually hides from me.  I call her name and she doesn't even look back but begins to run (well as best as she can run, she's not quite there yet).  Apparently I would hide in the clothes racks at department stores and enjoy spending time down different grocery aisles where my mother wasn't.

The Bammer is extremely independent, as was I, and as I got a little older I became very anxious and shy, but I don't see signs of that in her at all!  She loves being the center of attention, she's a little intense, and has absolutely no fear (which often makes me nervous).  Maybe because she's like her dad you might ask?  Nope.  Alan was also an anxious and shy child.  We were sure our kids were doomed to have irrational fears and be socially awkward those first few years, but so far not so much.  So apparently our personalities didn't pass on to our daughter, just some quirky mannerisms.


I'm the girl who is farthest on the right. Probably about 5 or 6 years old.  It's the only young picture I have with me.  All my baby pictures are at my parent's.  And don't worry, the Bammer likes grass now!  And then walking with her arms up so you get a better idea of what I mean.            

  - Alexis

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  1. What a sweet and funny post. I chuckled when I read that you and your daughter both had a paper eating phase in your lives.


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