Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I've Been Learning This Week

The week has been a little slower than usual.  I've been making excuses to just stay home as the weather gets cooler.  So far my toddler hasn't freaked out about not leaving the house some days.  Blessings!  But that also means more time to get into things at home.

So here are some of the things that we've been learning this week.

That saying "cheese!" means throw your head back and yell "cheese" to the sky - hence the picture on the right.  And Lowie now loves to eat her fist or really anything she can get to her mouth which she is still working on coordination.  And Bammer still loves her sister so much!

That pumpkin pancakes and apple cider syrup are AMAZING!  We made some for dinner last night and it was SO GOOD!  I'll have to share the recipe with you next week, you'll want it!

That when mommy isn't looking, that's a good time to take the diaper cream and rub it all over your face.  I'm just grateful she wasn't eating it.  In fact, I discovered this little face when I heard her making some spitting noises.  Apparently some had gotten to her mouth, but she didn't like it. 

I love the smell of cinnamon which is the scent in my Scentsy candle right now.  It just smells like fall.  And not to leave it on when your toddler is alone in the living room.  When I was putting Lowie to bed she decided to dip her pacifier in the melted wax and drip it on the couch below.  Luckily wax comes off pretty easily. 

And that Lowie is becoming more social!  Here she is next to her cousin who is just 2 months older than her.  Alan was making them laugh and it was so cute!  Lowie has the biggest smile and will show it to anyone.  Sometimes she'll do this little crooked grin like the one in the middle that just melts my heart!

So we're enjoying some slower days which is good prep for this winter.  I also had my first cup of hot chocolate this fall...mmmm.  So good!  Hope you're enjoying your week!


  1. PLEASE post that recipe for the pancakes and syrup! Sounds yummy!

  2. What beautiful, happy photos, they really made me smile. I remember one of mine doing exactly the same with the cream!


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